What does mild bleeding during regular cycles signify? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Mild bleeding during the regular cycles means that the bleeding is less. We expect around 80 ml of blood loss during each periods. When it is lesser than that, that is when it is called a s oligomenorrhea.so the causes of oligomenorrhea can be a simple hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovaries, or thyrotoxicosis, can be use of any drugs or antibiotics or use of any radioactive drugs o r iatrogenic or other infection. There can be cycnicaes ,that is there are some growths or anything can be the cause of it. It need not be always treated. So oligomenorrhea due to, polycystic ovaries or hyperthyroidism, such things, the basic cause needs to be eliminated. You do not treat oligomenorrhea as such. So there is no need to give hormones to treat the basic cause. So if it is or thyrotoxicosis, or hyperthyroidism, that means there is increase in thyroid hormone. If there is polycystic ovaries, then counsel the patient, counsel the patient on lot of thing like diet, overweight, so correct the weight, hormonal treatment of other causes. So other causes oligomenorrhea can be pituitary adenoma, any growth or lump in the pituitary deregulates the ovulation hormones. So you treat the primary cause of oligomenorrhea, and if there is no cause and if only a mild hormonal imbalance that would have happened this cycle, nothing to be done. If nothing happens then find out the primary cause, then treat.
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