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Acid reflux is a condition in which the acid in the stomach flows upwards and causes heartburn.
It is very common nowadays due to eating disorders and extreme changes in eating habits.
While there are a number of over the counter antacids you can easily get, many natural home remedies have been proven equally effective with minimal or no side effects.
Vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs have been traditionally used to treat health conditions.
They were the earliest form of medication.
While most people rely on modern medication for most of their illnesses, many are now trying natural home remedies, as they have been proven more beneficial.
Over the counter medicines can cause very bad side effects when used for a long time; this can be avoided using natural home remedies.




Excessive intake of fat foods


Alcoholic drinks







Burning sensation in the chest



Vomiting or bloody stools


Loss of weight

Dysphagia or narrow oesophagus

Sore throat or dry cough

Following are five remedies that you can try at home:

1.Chewing Gum: Chewing gums accelerate the flow of saliva, which in turn washes out all the extra acid that accumulates in the stomach and offers great relief.

2.Aloe Vera: The Aloe Vera juice is excellent for soothing upset stomach, drinking it can help in getting rid of unwanted stomach acids.
It also reduces inflammation in the oesophagus.
Drinking half a cup of Aloe Vera juice before meals is recommended.

3.Baking Soda: Adding half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drinking it offers instant relief.
This must not be done regularly, as baking soda is high on salt.

4.Carrot Juice: Drinking a cup of carrot juice also offers quick relief.
You can also drink cabbage juice as an alternate.

5.Ginger: The mixture of lemon juice and ginger juice is excellent to control acids in the stomach.
To get ginger juice, you can crush the ginger and squeeze it.
You can also add a small piece of jaggery with the crushed ginger.
You will need to suck the mixture until you get the juice into your throat.
It will instantly get rid of acidity.

To be healthy it is important to live a healthy lifestyle.
Natural remedies are a healthier option when compared to over the counter medication.
You can easily find natural remedies for most health conditions currently treated by over the counter medication.

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