The Origins of the PREDICT-HD Huntington Disease Study

Jane Paulsen, Ph.D., University of Iowa, principal investigator for PREDICT-HD, talks about the Huntington disease study at the research forum at the 2010 HDSA Convention in Raleigh, NC on June 26, 2010. In this clip, Dr. Paulsen gives an overview of PREDICT-HD’s origins and why the study is designed to detect the earliest signs of HD.

The PREDICT-HD study uses a variety of tests to examine the nature and pattern of neurobiological changes and neurobehavioral changes that occur in the period leading up to a diagnosis of Huntington disease. Researchers are learning more about the beginning changes in thinking skills, emotional regulation, brain structure and brain function as a person begins the transition from normal health to Huntington disease. These findings will be useful in designing effective clinical trials for treatment of early HD.

Volunteer recruitment of gene positive and gene negative individuals who have not been diagnosed with HD is ongoing. For more information, please visit our study website,, or email