Steroid shots for carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, maybe you’ve read that steroid shots can help relieve pain and other symptoms. It’s best that you know the facts before having this treatment. A steroid shot (also called corticosteroid injection) is when a steroid is injected directly in between your wrist bones and inside your carpal tunnel. The steroids are synthetic hormones used to reduce swelling. In some cases, the steroid shots work, at least temporarily. But as of 2016, more and more evidence shows that steroid injections are only slightly better than other therapies, but the effects don’t last. Actually, in the majority of cases where the shot DID work, symptoms returned from a few weeks to a couple months later. The reason steroids don’t work so well is because they don’t remove the problem that caused your swelling in the first place. And it’s the swelling soon returns. So the only thing you’ve managed to do with these shots is to temporarily get rid of the pain.

The only effective way to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel for good is to release the built-up pressure deep within your wrist. Surgery attempts this cutting a band called the carpal ligament, letting your wrist bones snap open to release the pressure. But surgery fails a lot of the time, mostly due to internal scarring. Like steroid shots, carpal tunnel surgery is a poor option for relief due to reasons like the high failure rate, return of symptoms, high cost, and other dangers (like infection and reaction to anesthesia).

Your best option is the CPR. Ironically it’s also the least expensive option!

It gives the same results as a SUCCESSFUL surgery without having to cut open your hand. The CPR widens your wrist bones because it uses traction on your wrist joint. This gently stretches your carpal ligament, which relieves built-up pressure inside your wrist joint. And your pain is gone almost immediately.

You can even work while wearing the CPR. It’s the best, safest, simplest, most cost-effective therapy for carpal tunnel. So if you have tingling, pain or numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome you must use the CPR immediately to get rid of these symptoms for good.

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Texh Spine & Text Neck At Computer Workstation Posture Avoid Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson shows you to how to sit correctly with proper posture/ergonomics and avoid Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Headaches and a myriad of other related Spine conditions and extremity problems. This is a very common cause of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and finger problems as well. Proper posture while working on your computer is essential in maintaining proper Bio-Mechanics not only in your Spine, but your entire body. Sitting correctly at your computer will enhance your Chiropractic Adjustments and prevent problems from reoccurring all the time. Simple Changes for Activities of Daily Living.