How to deal with bipolar disorder? – Dr. Sulata Shenoy

All of us have our moods, highs and lows. However some people seem to have these to a severe extent. The peaks and the valleys can be rapid cycling, that is a person may be very ecstatic at one point of time and highly depressed at the second and this may go on for months, years, until one discovers that one has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorders have become very common these days ad a large number of our population is afflicted with it. How do you deal with it? First of all, understand that it is a neurological, neuropsychiatric disorder and requires treatment and psychotherapy and here is no good substitute for a psychologist or psychiatrist help when you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However you can do so many things which can help you alleviate the symptoms of this disorder. First of all, find out what are the symptoms so that when these symptoms occur in you, you are able to recognize them. When you are on a “high”, the high mood, it is called the manic mood, what happens is that you tend to lose the inhibition, caution, you may be very reckless, careless, indulge yourself excessively or take unnecessary risks. This phase may soon pass and then you may get onto the phase of depression, whereby you feel hopeless, sad, lose interest in all your daily activities, in your job, in your relationships. You have no further interest in life, sometimes leading to suicidal ideation which can be very dangerous. So take the help of a good psychiatrist or psychologist as has been mentioned earlier and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms are first accept the condition that it is a neurological condition and a lot will depend on the environment which will support this condition or not. What do I mean by that is avoid taking unnecessary stress, strain and risks because these usually trigger bipolar disorder symptoms to escalate. Try to maintain a healthy work life balance so that you are happy, productive, at home as well as at work. One can lead a perfectly normal life even when diagnosed with bipolar disorder, if one takes the necessary treatment, therapies and exercises self-cautioned. Be stress free. Do not add on to your existing burden; lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Take care of your eating habits, your sleeping habits. Sleep the required number of hours a day. Don’t take unnecessary stress and strain. At the same time maintain healthy relationships with you r colleagues, your family and your friends. If you follow these simple guidelines, you cam lead a perfectly healthy and normal life even with bipolar disorders.
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How I Help My Bipolar Spouse Manage Mania

This video is about how my spouse and I handle Manic Episodes. It all begins with conversation with the bipolar person when moods are stable and medications are working. Not in any particular order, here are a few of the things i have discussed with my husband so that we can be prepared for the next cycle of mania. Look for another video coming soon about managing in full blown mania.

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