Eugenecists Develop Prenatal Testing for Autism Genes

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What to do about the autism epidemic? Some people’s solution is to develop prenatal screening so people with the ‘wrong’ genes can be aborted. This is pretty horrifying but fortunately autism is such a wide spectrum with so many genes involved that it is, I think,, highly unlikely they will be able to ever carry this out. I grew up with an ASD myself and my son is also diagnosed with ASD. I got a bit personal here in describing some of my experience with this because I would like people to see a but of the other side of ASD, that you can’t see just by looking at the surface of someone in whom their ASD is not ‘obvious’ to the casual observer, yet very much present and part of who they are, affecting their life experience in many ways. The fact that you would probably look at me and say ‘you don’t look autistic’ should tell you something about how widely varied people with ASDs are from one another and useless stereotypes are- and how ridiculous the idea of prenatal testing is.

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